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Client Benefits & Applications

VR Tour Client’s Examples


1. When committing a multitude of capital, it’s understandable that Tenant wants to ‘see’ where their money is going. And so when the space does not yet exist, virtual reality can be the next best thing.  With VR, Tenants will be able to use TI (tenant improvement dollars) in more efficient ways

2. VR improves the design process and client teams better visualize with 360 Tours that allow participants who are unable to visit the job site to experience in a more immersive way and give a deeper understanding through the use of VR technologies

3. VR really bridges a gap between A/D and clients, instead of only looking at 2D CAD drawings and material samples, you can now be ‘inside’ their space

4. Onboarding using VR, gives the Human Resources department better socialization techniques which lead to positive outcomes for new employees. This leads to job satisfaction, better performance, greater commitment, and reduction in occupational stress and intent to quit.  Onboarding is the process by which new hires get adjusted to the social and performance aspects of their jobs quickly and smoothly

Time to Change

People have a very hard time visualizing architectural concepts. It’s nearly impossible for most people to fully understand what an architectural space will be like by viewing 2D floor plans, illustrations, animations or scale models. These are all ultimately abstract and distorted ways of visualizing a design, and not at all representative of how we experience architecture in the real world. With virtual reality, we can gain a very holistic understanding of what the building will feel like before investing the massive amount of resources it takes to make it a reality. It’s a lot easier to change a pixel than it is to move a brick wall after it’s built. VR helps people understand architecture in a way nothing else comes close to, which we believe will ultimately lead to the creation of better, more efficient built environment.

Match Houston
Ascend Corporation
Silver Street Studios
Tri-Star Corporation
Transwestern Facility
Cemex New Building

VR Tour Client’s Examples


1. You WILL lease more space using technology and 360° Google Interactive Tours, also in large markets, VR can eliminate wasted time spent travelling between multiple properties that turn out to be unsuitable
2. Clients can come into the office and virtually tour multiple properties, narrowing down the list to select finalists and can show partners and staff the space options and International clients from Asia and Europe can check out properties thoroughly before taking time to fly in and finalize the deal
3. Sellers benefit because the buyers that make contact are better informed and are serious about making an offer, the technology can be used to develop tours of properties in development that give buyers an accurate, realistic view of what the place will look like
4. This is an extremely powerful marketing tool, and allows clients to feel comfortable with investing in properties under development

Time to Change

The time when newspaper ads and brochures were more than enough to market a property is long gone. Today’s market has totally different backbone principles!  Why have a limited reach, when we can bring our property in front of buyers from all around the world? It’s as easy as it sounds! Virtual tours enhance the value of your listing online presence. But is this all that a virtual tour can do to help marketing a space?

Stream Realty
Amegy Bank Space
StatOil Sublease Space
JLL Client Space
Frontica Lease Space
Cemex New Building

VR Tour Client’s Examples


1. A/D can create a virtual experience for their clients

2. Change Management are applied techniques to manage the ‘people side’ of change to achieve a new business outcome

3. Portfolio of projects that can reflect the future design of a space

4. Experiential Planning is a creative strategy that directly engages clients to participate in the evolution of a new building or space

5. Brand Intelligence when applied will create a bond between a client and their brand by immersing them in a fun and memorable experience

6. ‘Death by Powerpoint’ will become a thing of the past, now present to an audience on a virtual journey to show them your ideas, achievements and suggestions

Time to Change

The best use may be the ability to give clients and workers a virtual walk-through “inside” the 3D space. Design discussions and collaboration are easily carried out. As people “move” inside the model, it is easier (and cheaper) to make live design modifications: moving partitions, walls, and furniture, or adding finishes to see how it looks.

Ziegler Cooper Architects
Inventure Design
Wood Group Mustang Cafe’
Potts Law Firm
The (Almost) All American Home
Kirksey Architects

VR Tour Client’s Examples


1. The top benefits of virtual reality studies for construction are:

– Projects will be easier to visualize (51.9%)
– Projects will be completed faster (48.3%)
– Projects will require fewer workers (42.2%)
– Projects will require less material (40.8%)

2. VR will reduce construction errors and assist in predicting and preventing safety incidents to your employees and subcontractors

3. Contractors can increase efficiency and raise profit margins by creating a pre-construction experience for their clients

4. VR is replacing scale models and 2D drawings which cannot fully simulate the spatial environment

5. Before it’s built, construction workers and management can actually explore the space together to look to fine tune the details

6. With VR, we will begin to see faster City Permit approvals, increased positive client interactions and higher satisfaction

Time to Change

Virtual reality can be extremely useful in the construction industry, which is often known as having a very high amount of inefficiency and low profit margins. Using a virtual environment, an organization can not only render the resulting structure in 3D but also experience them as they would in the real world.  Building a construction project in a virtual environment offers many key benefits.  One of the most obvious of these is having the ability to test a number of factors without the time and cost of building the structure, reducing the number of errors present in the completed building.

AIA – American Institute of Architects
Revolution Rum Pre-Construction
Revolution Rum During Construction

VR Tour Client’s Examples


1. Keep investors informed with updated progress of your building project

2. Gives you an edge over competition who do not offer Virtual Tours

3. Potential customers can view the Virtual Tour from the comfort of their office 24/7, 365 days a year.

4. There is a higher chance that visitors of your website will refer the virtual experience to business associates

5. People decide quicker to lease your property when they can form a good impression through a Virtual Tour

6. Increase your email campaign success by showing your property tour to prospects anywhere around the country or in the world

7. Build corporate brand awareness that through Social Media links that can be integrated into the interface of the 360 tour

Time to Change

There is $60 million renovation under way at 437 Madison Ave and Leasing agents for the 40-story office tower take visitors on a tour beneath custom-built canopies, where they can take in the lush greenery of trees and ornamental grasses and check out the outdoor conference area and wet bar. They can even peer over the glass-and-metal railing and catch a dizzying glimpse of the street below and a view of St. Patrick’s Cathedral across the way. Actually, the $6 million “Sky Lounge” will be finished this year, but Sage Realty Corp. isn’t letting construction hinder renting space in the 850,000-square-foot building. The leasing agents are simply giving virtual-reality tours: Each visitor sits in the marketing office, outfitted with headgear that is coupled with interactive 3D modeling software.

Though the commercial-real-estate sector has a reputation for being slow to embrace new technology, several brokers and developers are hot on virtual-reality tours—to boost leasing and sales, especially to technology firms and tech-driven media and advertising companies.

PVW Marketing Portfolio
Headquarter's Raw Space
Headquarter's Virtual Space
Boxer Property

The Disciplines of Our Trust Based Team


C-Level Financials

Most CEOs and CFOs are faced with pressure from clients to lower prices and increase ROI, know they need to make significant changes to their business. They scrutinize operational costs to find savings by entering into a relocation and new lease, yet blindly move into a mire of unknown costs without a solid trust based team. Why?


Project Management

When a Project Manager is in place, architects, designers, contractors, property managers, vendors and clients can all keep track of the actual progress and compare it to the proposals and original augmented reality space. This will enhance effective communications about real progress and even a mild setback will encourage everyone to keep on track and on schedule.


Interiors Planning

Like so many other industries, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality are taking the world of design and planning by storm. From architecture to interior corporate design, VR and related technologies are changing the way we create the places we work, live, and play.


Interior Products

The Architectural Interior Products industry is learning to introduce a 360ᵒ Virtual Reality video tour that provides users with an interactive product showroom experience. Users of the technology can tour the showrooms and get in-depth views of product solutions. Through VR technology, specifiers are immersed in the experience and travel through a guided, real-life tour.


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality brings out the components of the digital world into a person’s perceived real world. An important issue is that of successfully integrating computer generated images within the real world. They need to be realistic and useful to be of real benefit to the user.


Architectural Planning

Innovation is a development that people find useful or meaningful. To be innovative, architects and their works must become more responsive to their users and environments. In other words, they must incorporate feedback from their physical and cultural contexts rather than relying solely on conventional analytical processes of development … from design to construction.


Engineering MEP

In the AEC space, our technology makes working in virtual environments so much easier. Through the 3D experience combined with motion tracking and scanning capabilities, it becomes a lot easier to move around 3D models and look around corners than using a mouse and keyboard.


Interior Construction

Making any type of changes once a building is under construction is extremely expensive and time-consuming. By using VR, we offer our clients the ability to make changes virtually for well before actual construction has begun saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the project.

We Use a 'C-C' Approach to Manage a Process and are NOT The Prevailing Status Quo!

Our C-C (concept to completion) management process is one of an Industry Disruptor position.  We at VRCity360, recognize this industry’s Prevailing Status Quo to be completely outmoded, and instead have created a client-focused and trusted-team approach.  Here are our four keys points as to why we, as an affiliate team, are industry leaders:



  • We are the industry’s leader in technology, bar none
  • We spot problems early, strategize and share solutions with our clients
  • We have built an amazing team over the years on which to depend
  • We believe in passion — and will sacrifice for your solution



We are transforming the way our industry works, one client at a time!

Okay, So Why We Are Different


Financial Acumen

Our job is not to blindly spend your money on creating an award-winning space and specify absurdly costing FF&E and all name brand, expensive items when we are in a commodity environment for all interior products. There is no magic to be had and if you work with a trust based team, it will be a well-managed project.


Futuristic Technology

We understand and demonstrate the reach of technology and its potential to bring communities together in new ways, all towards a new transformation.  From the Samsung Gear VR to MS Hololens with Augmented Reality and Binaural 3D Audio 4K-360° Videography…..we know our technology and will assist you!


No-Nonsense Experience

Pandering will not get your business and we will tell you straight up that we see too many projects with frustrated tenants because the ‘Status Quo’ staffs do not understand how to manage a business.  Therefore how can they create a new tenant space without having been in your position themselves?  Just ask them if they have run a business during the interview!


Trust Based Team

How we select, whom we select, and the process we use to form a team is important for a successful project and yes we have the industry experience to pull it all together.  This selection process of 30-year trusted partnerships allows our team to resolve potential issues in a ‘virtual environment’!  Applying our technology carries over flawlessly to real construction and a satisfied, referring client.

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There is no greater wealth than wisdom, no greater poverty than ignorance; no greater heritage than culture and no greater support than consultation.

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