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The Prevailing Status Quo

Antonin Artaud – Un essai publié en 1938 “Le Théâtre et son Double”

“Our world creates a sense of false reality for the paying spectator (client) and they become the vortex of the spectacle, engulfed both emotionally and monetarily throughout the acts, and generally leave feeling rather distraught by the end of the performance!  Our present antediluvian, formal auditoria with their proscenium arches and concentric playwrights with their scripts remain ‘a hindrance’ to the magic of what should have been a well-orchestrated production.”

The Disciplines of Our Trust Based Team


C-Level Financials

Most CEOs and CFOs are faced with pressure from clients to lower prices and increase ROI, know they need to make significant changes to their business. They scrutinize operational costs to find savings by entering into a relocation and new lease, yet blindly move into a mire of unknown costs and challenges without a solid trust based team. Why?

Project Management

Once the project commences and a Project Manager is in place, architects, designers, contractors, property managers, vendors and clients can all keep track of the actual progress and compare it to the proposals and original augmented reality space. This will enhance appropriate and effective communications about real progress and even the occasional setback and encourage everyone to keep on track and on schedule.

Interiors Planning

Like so many other industries, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality are taking the world of design and planning by storm. From architecture to interior corporate design, VR and related technologies are changing the way we create the places we work, live, and play.

Interior Products

The Architectural Interior Products industry is learning to introduce a 360ᵒ Virtual Reality video tour that provides users with an interactive product showroom experience. Users of the technology can tour the showrooms and get in-depth views of product solutions. Through VR technology, specifiers are immersed in the experience and travel through a guided, real-life tour.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality brings out the components of the digital world into a person’s perceived real world. An important issue is that of successfully integrating computer generated images within the real world. They need to be realistic and useful to be of real benefit to the user.

Architectural Planning

Innovation is a development that people find useful or meaningful. To be innovative, architects—and works of architecture themselves—must become more responsive to their users and environments. In other words, they must incorporate feedback from their physical and cultural contexts rather than relying solely on conventional analytical or internal processes of development … from design to construction.

Engineering MEP

In the AEC space, our technology makes working in virtual environments so much easier. Through the 3D experience combined with motion tracking and scanning capabilities, it becomes a lot easier to move around 3D models and look around corners than using a mouse and keyboard.

Interior Construction

Making any type of changes once a building is under construction is extremely expensive and time-consuming. By using VR, we offer our clients the ability to make changes virtually for well before actual construction has begun saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the project.

A 'C-C' Approach to Manage a Process

We are NOT ``The Prevailing Status Quo``!

We at VRCity360, recognizes this industry’s Prevailing Status Quo to be completely outmoded, and instead has created a client-focused and trusted-team approach.  Our C-C (concept to completion) management process is one of an Industry Disruptor position.  Here are our five keys points as to why we are an industry leader:

  1. We are the industry’s leader in technology, bar none
  2. We learn to spot problems early and solve them
  3. We are in an industry that is passionate to us
  4. We strategize and share solutions with our clients
  5. We have built an amazing team on which to depend
  6. We believe in — and will sacrifice for — your solution

We are transforming the way our industry works, one client at a time!

Why We Are Different


Financial Acumen

Our job is not to blindly spend your money on creating an award-winning space and absurdly costing FF&E and name brand products when we are in a commodity environment for all interior products. There is no magic to be had and it will be a well-orchestrated production.



We understand and demonstrate the wide reach of technology and its potential to bring communities together in new ways, all towards the transformation of old industries.  From the Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality to Microsoft Hololens with its Augmented Reality and it’s Binaural 3D Audio and 4K-360° Videography…..we know our technology and the ability to assist you!


No-Nonsense Experience

We do not believe in pandering to get your business and believe that you do want us to make a reasonable profit in the process. We will tell you straight up that see so many projects with unhappy tenants because the ‘Status Quo’ inexperienced staffs do not understand about owning or running a business.  So how can they take you to a new lease space without having been there themselves?  Just ask them during the interview!


Trust Based Team

How we select your team, whom we select, and the process we use to form them into a team is the most important component of a successful project and yes we have the industry know how to pull it all together.  This selection process of long-time, trusted partners facilitates early associations and allows the team to prepare and resolve issues in a ‘virtual environment’ again using our technology, which  then carries over flawlessly to real construction and a satisfied, referring client.

Want an Eye-Opening Consultation?

There is no greater wealth than wisdom, no greater poverty than ignorance; no greater heritage than culture and no greater support than consultation.

Let Us Guide You!clear

Highly Qualified Team


Alex Blackfire

Co-Founder, CEO

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Jacob Remmington

Co-Founder, Creative Director

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Miriam Richmond

Financial Director

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Leonardo Black

Marketing Director

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Get In Touch!

We are looking forward to start a project with you!

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