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Not everything can become virtual, of course, but COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE CAN!  Therefore our unique 360° Google experiential visual tools offer you a creative strategy that directly engages clients to participate in the evolution of a new building or space.

Raw Space – AIA Project 900 Commerce

White Box Space – 600 Jefferson

Asset Decommissioning Floor – 929 Gessner

Increase efficiency and raise profit margins by creating a pre-construction experience for their clients and contractors

An extremely powerful marketing tool that allows clients to feel comfortable with a potential lease space prior to construction

For Client’s Decommissioning of existing space, it has a 360° tour, VR capability, map navigation, multiple floors, pano strip at the bottom

Pre-construction “Virtual Rendering” – 10100 Katy Fwy

Post-construction “Real Photography” – 10100 Katy Fwy

We created this Pre-rendered Virtual 360° tour to show Management, Facilities and HR how their new space would look.  It has 360° Google click arrows to walk, an embedded floor plan, matching spec’d finshes and VR Google capability

We filmed this full 360° Google tour of the nearly-completed project, one day prior to Client’s move-in.  This tour is for Change Management, VR capable, has floor plan navigation, multiple floors, and a pano strip at the bottom

Virtual Reality Building / Space Google 360° Tour

Clients can come into the office and virtually tour multiple properties, narrowing down the list to select finalists and can show partners and staff the space options

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