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As we all know, new tenant/employees usually have a difficult time trying to visually convert a flat paper drawing into a 3D space. Therefore our unique 360° Google experiential planning tools offer you a creative strategy that directly engages clients to participate in the evolution of a new building or space.

Click on Each Image to Enlarge to 360° Google Tour

Raw Space – AIA Project 900 Commerce

White Box Space – 600 Jefferson

MATCH – 3400 Main

Increase efficiency and raise profit margins by creating a pre-construction experience for their clients and contractors

An extremely powerful marketing tool that allows clients to feel comfortable with a potential lease space prior to construction

This full 360° Google tour for Midtown Arts & Theater Center is for Organizational Promotion and has VR capability, floor plan navigation, multiple floors, and a pano strip at the bottom

Pre-construction “Virtual Rendering” – 10100 Katy Fwy

Pre-construction “High-Res Rendering” – 10100 Katy Fwy


Post-construction “Real Photography” – 10100 Katy Fwy

We created this Pre-rendered Virtual 360° tour to show Management, Facilities and HR how their new space would look.  It has 360° Google click arrows to walk, an embedded floor plan, matching spec’d finshes and VR Google capability

This High-Res fully rendered image was created to show C-Level Management, Facilities and HR how their new space would look in a realistic finishes and fabrics.  This quality of image can also be enhanced to be VR 360° Google capable.

We filmed this full 360° Google tour of the nearly-completed project, one day prior to Client’s move-in.  This tour is for Change Management, VR capable, has floor plan navigation, multiple floors, and a pano strip at the bottom

Asset Decommissioning Floor – 929 Gessner

For Client’s Decommissioning of existing space, it has a 360° tour, VR capability, map navigation, multiple floors, pano strip at the bottom

Virtual Reality Building / Space Google 360° Tour

Clients can come into the office and virtually tour multiple properties, narrowing down the list to select finalists and can show partners and staff the space options

Our Holographic Technology Brings Our Spaces & Building to Real Life

Preliminary Operating Room Using Our Holographic Technology

Just think of this as our R2D2 projecting a 3-dimensional image of Princess Leia pleading for help from Obi-Wan Kenobi.  From a 6″ wide floating image sitting on your hand to a full scale model in which you can walk through and see all the details.

Preliminary Operating Room – Mercy Hospital

For the Client’s comprehension, we can create a 3D 360° fully rendered model


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