Commercial Real Estate "Help Desk"

1.) Analyze a Prospective Client's Needs

Developed for an more Experiential and Faster way to deal closure and increase your over-all volume of clients, and more commissions.

2.) Create a Preliminary Tenant Budget and Financial Projections

When committing large amounts of capital a Tenant wants to ‘see’ where their money is going.

Budgeting Tools

3.) Provide a 10-Minute Tenant Programming Exercise

Why does the current process take one to two weeks to determine the amount of square feet a Tenant needs?


4.) Fast Response to 2D & 360° Google Tenant Test Fits

Tenants have a difficult time trying to convert a flat paper drawing into a 3D space. Therefore our unique Experiential Planning is a creative strategy that directly engages clients to participate in the evolution of a new building or space.

3D planning

5.) Provide Google Virtual Reality with 360° Technology

True Virtual Reality and 360° Google Interactive Tours tools for potential raw or white-box space and RFP’s for vendors

6.) Your Project using 360° Google Tours create a long-term, ongoing client relationship for you as a Broker.

Follow-up tours are necessary for Client change management and employee on-boarding.  This assists the HR department’s ability to apply better socialization techniques for new employees

Followup tours create tenant brand awareness and offer great interactivity for marketing their portfolio and potential clients and employees

If your Tenant has multiple locations Google Maps Interactivity is a great method to showoff a portfolio of locations or clients

7.) View our Completed CEMEX Project, all in Google 360°

Interactive StatOil 360° Tour

Slide Select Floor 4 View Virtual Tour Select Floor 4 View Virtual Tour

Full 360° Google and Still Photography of completed furniture installation, yet prior to Cemex move-in

Asset decommissioning photography at the Cemex existing jobsite using, the first of its kind, 360° Google Tours